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  Inflammation - Power Point presentation, Video and Flyer

Inflammation, Perfect Male and Perfect Woman
Download this Power Point presentation which explains that AMA and many prestigious medical facilities recognize that Chronic Inflammation is the cause of most acquired diseases. More importantly, taking Perfect Male or Perfect Woman will significantly reduce inflammation, helping the body to heal itself naturally. The results can be ascertained by blood test.

If you are not able to view the Power Point presentation, you can download the free viewer from Microsoft.

Watch the "Inflammation Nation" video online (1 minute long)
You can also download the video at this link.

Click here for the tri-fold Perfect Male brochure.

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Water Delivery Form
Download this form to set up Alkaline water delivery. Bottle sizes vary from 16.9oz to 5 gallons and you can purchase a cooler to load your larger bottles on for easy dispensing. Add your PHFL supplements and products for convenient and free delivery (with minimum water purchase $40).

 Brochures to print

Perfect Male brochure

Perfect H2O Alkaline Water brochure