The Perfect Seven Plan

7 weeks to 7 months = Estimated $7,000.00+ per month income

The PHFL Marketing Plan 3x7 Matrix is called THE PERFECT SEVEN it is a direct selling, multi-level marketing (MLM) model of distribution and compensation. PHFL custom model the Perfected Seven Forced Matrix plan has an incredible addition in that it actually has width expansion. What does this mean to an Affiliate/Member?

When you fill out a Perfect Seven Matrix you will automatically increase your matrix to a 4x7 Matrix. This is accomplished by an Affiliate continuing to sponsor new members.

By continuing to sponsor new Affiliates you can increase your residual income by not losing them after the seventh levels are filled they will automatically go under you in your new 4th leg. Width expansion is set at 100 wide.

The above diagram is showing a 3x2 matrix example with 3 affiliates in the lst level and 9 affiliates on the second level.

Example: A Perfect Seven Forced Matrix

1st level = 3
2nd level = 9
3rd level = 27
4th level = 81
5th level = 243
6th level = 729
7th level = 2,187

We suggest two options in recruiting:

You enroll your first 3 new Affiliates / Members in one week and encourage your 3 new enrollees to do the same the following week after 7 weeks you Could complete the perfect seven matrix.

-- OR --

You enroll your first 3 new Affiliates / Members in one month and encourage your 3 new enrollees to do the same the following month after 7 month you would complete the perfect seven matrix. So in 7 weeks to 7 months you can attain to financial freedom.

In a perfect world if you did complete the perfect seven in 7 weeks or 7 months you could potentially earn $7,000 per month

The PERFECT SEVEN would then be 7 weeks to 7 months = $7,000.00 Monthly

Again my I remind everyone in a perfect world this is possible, but Perfect Health For life does not guarantee any income. The above scenario is for example purposes only.

Each Affiliate/Member has the ability to sponsor/recruit new members. This number is a variable that is unknown, your personal success will depend on your effort or lack of effort, economic conditions in your area could be a factor.

Bottom line your "perseverance" in overcoming difficulties & challenges in your Endeavour to succeed will determine your degree of success.

Forced Matrix

A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of placements any affiliate can refer to their initial level. It makes sense to use this feature only in case you have defined multiple tier commissions. If you have just a single tier commission defined, it makes no sense to create a structure for your affiliates.

Why should I encourage my affiliates to participate in the Matrix? The Main point is that you want to keep in your affiliate program not just the few best performing affiliates, but all the affiliates who want to register. The best way to keep all the affiliates motivated is to have them share in periodic commissions and notify them about each commission they receive. The more active the affiliates are that you have, the more they will try to promote the concept. Newbie affiliates can see in The Forced Matrix an advantage to stay with you, because they can earn commissions even if they will not be as successful in recruiting new sub affiliates at the very beginning. The Forced Matrix is also a kind of solidarity of better performing affiliates with newbies in hope, that their sub affiliates will stay motivated and will improve in the future (and in fact earn commissions also for performing affiliate, which referred them).

How does it work?

  • Matrix Width - defines number of sub affiliates allowed for every affiliate. Leaving this value Unlimited will in fact deactivate the Forced Matrix rules, because new sub affiliates will be always assigned to the particular referrer. If you want to profit from the Forced Matrix functionality, set this field to a positive number higher then 0. Example: If you define, that an affiliate can have at most 3 sub affiliates, it will mean, that on first level he will have at most 3 sub affiliates, on second level at most 9, on third level at most 27, on fourth at most 81 sub affiliates and so on.
  • Matrix Height - defines maximum number of affiliate levels filled by forced matrix rules before you send new affiliates to spill over to other affiliate. Unlimited number of levels will mean, that the tree of affiliates will grow and there will be no spillover ever.

Send spillover to

  • Actual Sponsor - affiliate will be assigned to current referrer (in such case will be width of tree increased for current affiliate by one and in next spillovers the tree building follows the existing rules). This type of spillover is for your better performing affiliates the best option. You recompense them of their effort with right to increase the width of their affiliate tree.
  • Chosen Affiliate - send all spillovers to a predefined affiliate (if you selected this option, field next to this option will become mandatory and should contain the username (email) of the predefined affiliate)
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