About Perfect Health for Life

Statement of Purpose

Perfect Health for Life's purpose is to promote the message that individuals must take personal responsibility in matters of health and well-being, and to help them fulfill this goal by providing a comprehensive health and wellness program, health and wellness information, educational curricula, fully-integrated health products, and lifetime supportive follow-ups.

Our Mission

A robust system of information and training will empower people to take responsibility for health and well-being; programs inform and encourage people to care about their health; interactive guides provide guidance to achieve better health with what is learned; concerted effort is put forth to set personal health goals that PHL will help customers attain; PHL promises to provide lifetime support to maintain the health goals reached; full-force counseling encourages customers to aspire to higher levels of health and wellbeing. PHL also is the only company in the natural health care field to offer a continuous Health Assessment for each customer to target specific products for different members. This will be attained by doctor monitored evaluations, supplied by members, and implemented by targeted protocols for exigent conditions.

Our program of instruction centers on health, our products center on facilitating health goals; offering high-quality health and wellness products that we formulate, develop, and discover; when used within the guidelines we provide, customers develop new levels of healthfulness, ultimately optimizing the body's ability to maintain and protect itself; products consist of plant-based nutraceuticals in the form of nutritional supplements, health maintenance protocols, essential oils, and scientifically sound health and wellness technologies.

We encourage our customers to fulfill their goals by making available a comprehensive, data-rich health program, called, The Health for Life Challenge. This instructive program helps our customers understand basic function and fundamentals of human body systems, how they work together, what the needs are, and how harmonizing the systems enables the body to accomplish health and healing as a natural, unaided process. Harmonizing and optimizing are understood to be directly related to diet and nutrition, and Customers will be able to assess the personal changes they must make to see the program through to success. Customers who continue with this program develop knowledge and appreciation of the role each of our products plays in supporting a health-filled life. And, many will reach health goals knowing they can confidently sustain the level of health they have reached (The Health for Life Challenge - Under Development).

Direct Selling

Perfect Health for Life markets, sells, and distributes health and wellness products using the direct sales business model (specifically, multi-level marketing, sales to preferred customers, and direct sales to public.”). PHL is enthusiastic about developing its brand using this model.

People unfamiliar with the direct-sales paradigm need to know that direct selling is the model-of-choice of many world famous brands, including Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Kirby, Saladmaster, World Book, and  even Dove Chocolate, to name only a few of the hundreds of firms who represent well-known direct selling success stories. It is reported that thousands of companies are involved in direct sales (the number is impossible to know), involving some 16 million people in the US alone (60 million world-wide), most are independent business owners (distributors).